ABA Therapy Services

Using researched-based interventions, our licensed behavior therapists provide helpful alternatives to reduce undesirable behaviors, increase communication, enhance social interactions, and improve the life skills of children with autism.

Steps to success

Benefits Checks

We listen to your story, record your details and verify eligibility with your insurance provider. We'll start by checking your current insurance coverage and all additional costs involved.

Assessment & Evaluation

A friendly BCBA observes and evaluates your child where they are most comfortable- on home ground. Using this data, they formulate a personal treatment plan including short and long term goals for your child.

At-Home ABA Therapy

Sessions with a skilled RBT engage your child in fun activities, while teaching and reinforcing positive behaviours and appropriate interactions, working towards their personal goals, (as outlined in their treatment plan).

Continuous assessments

Regular consultations and evaluations help us to track progress, develop acquired skills and set new goals for your child. We conduct ongoing evaluations to measure your child's progress and growth.

Parental Guidance

Separate sessions with parents provide you with tools you can apply in any setting to help your child. We welcome parents' insights, suggestions and questions and encourage parents to join therapy sessions with their child.

School Support

Collaboration with all your child's caregivers is crucial in order for behaviors to be reinforced consistently. We work closely with your child's educators to help them incorporate ABA methods into both classroom and playground settings.

We set our sights on lifelong success and achievement

We help your child get there through enjoyable therapeuticactivities in a warm and comfortable environment.

Sessions are fun, flexible and focused:
- Scheduled to accommodate your family's routine
- Guided by a skilled RBT, who works closely with your child's ВСВА
- Tailored to help your child reach realistic milestones

Celebrate progress in a range of areas with at-home ABA Therapy

The skills your child will acquire through consistent ABA therapy will help them succeed in all areas of life.

Daily routines and personal care

Communication and language

Ability to adapt to different environments

Social skills and appropriate interaction with peers

Confidence and self-esteem

Self stimulatory behaviours

Attention and focus

Sensory processing