9 Best Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Online Courses

Here is a list of the best applied behavior analysis courses that you can complete online in 2023.

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July 22, 2023

9 Best Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Online Courses

Best ABA Therapy Online Courses

We've done the research for you and put together a list of the best online courses for learning how to become an ABA therapist.

10 Best ABA Therapy Online Courses

University of Dayton

The University of Dayton offers a master's degree for Applied Behavior Analysis online. Students who enroll in this program can acquire technical skills in SQL, Python and R.

Students who enroll in the ABA master's program online with the University of Dayton can graduate in as few as 21 months. The university does not have a GRE requirement for people applying for this program.

People can also choose from one of three programs in which to enroll. Because all of the programs are offered entirely online, classes are geared to be flexible and capable of accommodating students' schedules.

The programs also allow students to gain 1500 hours of hands-on experience prior to graduating. They are ABA-verified and designed to allow students to pass the ABA exam successfully. Information on how to enroll can be found at www.educationonline.udayton.edu/.

Simmons University

Simmons University offers online post-graduate learning for a master's degree in Applied Behavior Analysis. This university has more than 20 years' experience in online learning and does not require incoming graduate students to take the GRE exam.

Students who enroll in Simmons University's online ABA program can expect to graduate in 23 months with their ABA degrees. This program offers comprehensive classroom instruction in ABA learning and also entails 2000 of hands-on supervised training prior to graduation.

Simmons University ABA students also benefit from the university's online mentorship services. They can obtain a mentor with whom to consult and gain advice and guidance about how to complete classes or complete field training.

The online programs at Simmons University for this degree program are ABA-verified. They facilitate successful taking of the ABA certification exam prior to or immediately after students graduate. People who are interested in applying for and enrolling in the online ABA program at this school can visit www.online.simmons.edu/.

Pepperdine University

Pepperdine University has a well-established national reputation for academic excellence and prestige. These qualities extend to the university's online program for Applied Behavior Analysis.

Pepperdine University requires incoming students to take and pass the GRE test. Students who are admitted then can graduate with their degrees in ABA within 15 to 21 months. The ABA program is offered entirely online for students' convenience.

Pepperdine University offers more than 50 years' experience in psychology training for both undergraduate and post-graduate students. It ranks in the top 50 programs for online education and boasts a BCBA exam pass rate among graduates of 84 percent.

Students enrolled in Pepperdine University's online ABA program will learn how to recognize, assess and improve socially significant behaviors among their future clients. People who are interested in learning more or applying for the online ABA program can visit onlinegrad.pepperdine.edu/.

Western Connecticut State University

Western Connecticut State University offers one of the leading online ABA programs in the U.S. This program has gained recognition from publications like U.S. News & World Report for its academic excellence and success among graduates. The university itself has a reputation for academic excellence and top performance on social mobility.

People who want to apply for the ABA program at this university must satisfy admittance criteria like:

  • Completing an online application
  • Submitting a professional resume
  • Completing an essay
  • Having a bachelor's degree from an accredited university
  • Having a minimum GPA of 2.8

The program itself entails 30 hours of classroom instruction and hands-on learning. It adheres to the curriculum of the Association for Behavior Analysis International. People wanting to find out more about the program or apply for admission can visit https://catalogs.wcsu.edu/grad/master-of-science-in-applied-behavior-analysis/.

Oregon Institute of Technology

Oregon Institute of Technology offers an ABA program that is entirely online. The program costs just over $24,000 total to complete. It offers instruction that satisfies both Oregon's state licensing requirements and national certification criteria.

Students who take part in this school's online ABA program can elect to take courses in:

  • ABA and education
  • ABA and health
  • Clinical behavior analysis
  • Organizational behavior management

Publications like U.S. New & World Report recognize OIT for its online academic excellence. The school ranks second for top public universities in Oregon and is ranked #10 among the best regional colleges in the West.

The courses offered in the school's online ABA program are designed to ensure students can take and pass the BCBA test successfully. People who are interested in learning more about this program or want to enroll in it can visit https://www.oit.edu/academics/degrees/msaba.

Texas A&M University

Texas A&M University, based in College Station, Texas, offers two top ranked online ABA post-graduate programs. Students who enroll at this university can choose to pursue either an online M.Ed in Special Education: Applied Behavioral Analysis or an online M.S. in Special Education: Applied Behavioral Analysis.

Both programs cost little more than $24,000 to complete. The education tract for this degree requires 36 hours of training while the M.S requires students to complete 32 hours for a non-thesis option and 36 hours for a thesis option degree.

Both programs provide sufficient instruction for students to take and pass the required BCBA test in this state. Texas A&M University ranks 26th nationally for being one of the top public universities in the country. It also garners recognition for being one of the most innovative universities in Texas.

People can find out more about the ABA programs at Texas A&M University by visiting https://www.tamu.edu/.

National Louis University

National Louis University is located in Chicago, Illinois and offers an online ABA program. Students who enroll in the university's M.S. of Applied Behavioral Analysis program can expect to pay just over $12,000 in tuition. The school garners recognition for offering one of the most affordable online ABA programs in the country.

Students enrolled in the online ABA degree program will take courses like Ethics in Applied Behavior Analysis, Concepts and Principles of Behavior Analysis and Experimental Analysis of Behavior. To gain admittance to the program, they must satisfy criteria like:

  • Providing a written statement of professional goals
  • Two professional letters of recommendation
  • Submission to review by faculty
  • Bachelor's degree from an accredited university

They obtain instruction needed to pass the BCBA test. More information can be found at https://nl.edu/college-of-psychology-and-behavioral-sciences/.

Southeast Missouri State University

Southeast Missouri State University

Southeast Missouri State University, located in Cape Girardeau, Missouri, offers an ABA degree that is entirely online. The degree program costs students around $11,500 in tuition. It entails about two years' worth of study and hands-on training before students can successfully graduate from it.

The degree program adheres to the international standards for accredited ABA programs and is geared toward ensuring students can sit for and pass the BCBA program. It also offers flexible classes that can fit around most students' everyday work and family schedules.

Some of the classes students take online include:

  • Conceptual Topics in ABA
  • Disciplinary Systems in ABA
  • Professionalism in ABA
  • Methods for Studying the Behavior of Individuals

This university is one of the top ranked colleges in Missouri and gains recognition nationally for its online ABA program. More information about the program or how to enroll can be found at https://semo.edu/academics/programs/online/graduate-online/applied-behavior-analysis-online.html.

Arizona State University Digital Immersion

Arizona State University's Digital Immersion school offers one of the top ranked online ABA programs in the country. It also is one of the most affordable online ABA degrees to pursue, with students paying just under $10,000 to enroll and finish it.

Despite being located in Tempe, Arizona, the university allows ABA students to complete their degree programs entirely online. Classes for each term run for 7.5 weeks apiece. Students must take and pass 30 credits and complete 10 classes to finish their degrees successfully.

Some of the most common courses students will encounter include:

  • Behavioral Analytical Assessment
  • Behavior Change Procedures
  • Concepts and Principles of ABA
  • Philosophical Foundations of ABA
  • Ethics of ABA

The ABA degree from Arizona State University's Digital Immersion program is nationally accredited. The university itself ranks as the 117th best public university in the U.S. More information about the school's online ABA program can be found at https://asuonline.asu.edu/new/online-degree-programs/graduate/master-arts-special-education-applied-behavior-analysis/a/.